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iMissal is a very useful app for Catholics, and especially now as the 3rd Edition of the Roman Missal will begin to be used in English speaking countries beginning with the season of Advent.  The 3rd edition of the Missal was approved by Pope Benedict XVI to help bring a more accurate translation of the original Latin text of the Mass.  The differences in language have to do with the 2nd edition using Dynamic Equivalence (gist) and the new 3rd edition using formal Formal Equivalence (word for word) translation.  Following is a good video to help illustrate the difference in the translations of the new Roman Missal.

iMissal is a very affordable costing $4.99 and is currently available for the iPhone, iPad, iTouch, iMac, and Android devices, and a FREE upgrade if you already have it.  iMissal is currently also working on versions for Windows Mobile 7 and Blackberry that should be out soon.  iMissal offers the Missal in both 2nd & 3rd editions that can be switched in the settings and you do not need to be connected to internet since the entire Missal is in your device.  There are two features that do require an internet connection with an audio feature for the Mass, and the Mass can also be watched in videos provided through Catholic TV.  There is also a new feature with iMissal that does require an internet connection that provides Catholic news and gets its information from the Catholic News Service.

iMissal has the order of the entire Mass at your fingertips, that should help with the new transition to the new Mass.  iMissal also offers the entire Liturgical Calendar listing Holy Days, Saints, Solemnities, and Major Feasts. My Daily Bread is s feature that has a daily Bible verse that is available in three translations:  KJV, NAB, and NIV and can be shared through e-mail or Facebook.  There is also a large collection of Catholic Prayers listed by many categories such as Mass, Children, Family, Blessed Virgin Mary, Peace, and Saints.

There is an additional feature that can be added to the iMissal App for $1.99.  The Saint of the Day feature can be added and is provided by the Daughters of St. Paul.  It offers a Saint of the Day as well as list of saints alphabetically and by patronage.  The saints also have biographies and prayers that can be shared by e-mail or Facebook and makes for a nice addition to this App.  The iMissal is very affordable considering that a printed 3rd edition is about ten times the cost, and I highly recommend this well done App that follows the approved text of the new 3rd edition Roman Missal.

Roman Missal 3rd Edition


Deacon Chris Morash & Father Rolo Castillo teaching about New Missal

Deacon Chris Morash & Father Rolo Castillo teaching about New Missal


United States Conference of Catholic Bishops webpage for New Roman Missal

Archdiocese of Washington Blog on translation of New Roman Missal

Archdiocese of Washington Blog Mass in Slow Motion 

iMissal Website

Office of Worship – Diocese of Richmond

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  • Msgr Charles Pope

    Thanks John for this valuable info. You are always able to bring a lot info together at the intersection of faith culture and technology!

  • John Clem

    Here is another good App iMass, from Pauline Books & Media. It has a walkthrough text of the new mass (but no readings like iMissal). I quick resource that also highlights the new words used in the Mass.

  • John Clem

    I learned a number of things about the New English translation of the Missal in a good presentation at Church of the Incarnation by Deacon Chris Morash and Father Rolo Castillo. It was interesting that the English translation is used by many other countries including China to translate their version of the Missal, so this will have more of an impact than just the English speaking countries. Also, the Spanish translation, is still 5-10 years away from its release, due to more difficulties in translating Spanish related to cultural differences between counties uses of the language.