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I am amazed at the power of Catholic New Media, and yesterday gave us great example of using the internet for a good cause.  Brandon Vogt is a Catholic author and blogger, who wrote a very informative book about the use of new media that I recommend called The Church and New Media.  Brandon provided a super work of charity when his book generated sales that helped purchase computers for children in Africa, and now he is using the media again for good work.

Mr. Vogt has continued to find ways to use Catholic new media to help with charitable efforts, and he has teamed up with Fr. Barron and Word On Fire Ministry.  Mr. Vogt and Fr. Barron yesterday used Catholic New Media (websites, Facebook, You Tube, and Twitter) to reach many people to request money to help pay for CDs that have a digital Catholic library for men studying to be priests in Cameroon.  This project is called the Africa eBook Project.  In less than 12 hours the power of the internet had generated over $4,000 in donations to pay for books for every seminarian.  This truly shows the great power of Catholic New Media and what it can accomplish.  Kudos to Mr. Vogt and Fr. Barron for their great work with the church.


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