Sixtus – Holy A Cappella!!!!

Sixtus:  In Living Collar

Sixtus is a group of four seminarians who met at the Catholic University of America and formed a super a cappella group.  They have just released their first CD entitled Sixtus:  In Living Collar.  They all have fantastic singing voices, and this album is a great collection of songs and hymns that will get you singing after the CD player has stopped.

We were honored to have them at our parish, Church of the Incarnation, for a concert earlier this year.  Fr. Joseph Goldsmith (Diocese of Richmond) served as a deacon at our parish, and was just ordained and started at his first parish in Harrisonburg, Virginia.  Fr. Joe sings the bass and beat box for Sixtus.  The other members of the group are Jonathan Gibbons (Archdiocese of Baltimore), Levi Hartle (Diocese of Pittsburg), and David B. Gaines (Diocese of Spokane).



Sixtus was named after Pope Sixtus IV (1471-1484) who commissioned the Sistine Chapel. Sixtus sings great spiritual and secular songs that lift the spirit after every tune.  This album is well worth your investment and is currently available from their website.  Sixtus is planning to sell their CD soon on iTunes and Amazon.  Following are the 14 songs on the album:

1) In the Beginning…was Music

2) Ecce quam bonum (Sixtus)

3) In the Light (DC Talk)

4)  Naturally (Huey Lewis and the News)

5) Bye Bye Love (Everly Brothers)

6) Where is the Love? (Black Eyed Peas)

7) Criminal on the Cross (Acappella)

8) Man of Constant Sorrow (Dick Burnett)

9) Stand by Me (Benny E. King)

10) Swinging on a Star (Jimmy Van Heusen)

11) Yesterday (Boys II Men)

12) Lead me to Rest (Acappella)

13) The Call (R. Vaughan Williams/Vrazel)

14) Canticle of Simeon

Here is a video of Sixtus doing impromptu concert for their waitress:


Sixtus website

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