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The Daughters of St. Paul are a growing order of nuns, who through the guidance of their founder, Blessed James Alberione, are producing wonderful new and old media for the New Evangelization.  The Daughters of St. Paul are involved with the production of books, music, apps, websites, and movies.  Many of the sisters are very active on the internet, and I am most appreciative of following Sister Anne Flanagan (Nun Blog) and Sister Helena Burns (Hell Burns Blog) with their many messages of inspiration on Twitter.

The following video illustrates the work of the Daughters of St. Paul and features Sister Anne Flanagan:


I was unaware of the story of Father James Alberione until Sister Anne came to the Catholic New Media Conference in Kansas City two years ago to introduce a fundraising effort to make a movie about his life.  Fr. Alberione should be as well known as Bishop Fulton Sheen for his tremendous work with many forms media to spread the Gospel message.  I invite you to watch this preview of the documentary currently under production with Spirit Juice Studios.

I received good news from Sister Helena Burns that they have completed a two-year fundraising effort for the production of the movie.  However, they are still fundraising for $50,000, that is needed for DVD production and an entertainment lawyer.  If you can help, please contact the Daughters of St. Paul through the movie website.

Speaking of movies, I am always happy to hear the great movie reviews from Sister Rose Pacatte on American Catholic Radio, and she also has a blog with Patheos called Sister Rose at The Movies.  She gives some of the best reviews I have heard from any reviewer including advice to parents about appropriate content.


Light a Candle App

In my last blog entry, I wrote about all the great new Apps from 2012, but missed one that the sisters just released in December called Light a Candle: Miracles Do Happen.  This is a very inspirational App that offers many prayers in the sister’s Virtual Chapel.  The wonderful feature of this App is that it offers the user the ability to send personal prayers to the sisters.  There is a FREE version of the App called God Loves You, but it is well worth paying $1.99 for the full-version App that offers more prayers in the categories of Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Angels, and St. Paul (plus money benefits the Daughters of St. Paul). (Droid App is only 99 cents)


The Daughters of St. Paul are also producing many beautiful music CDs.  I recently purchased the CD Stella Maris: Chant, Ever Ancient, Ever New, and have been mesmerized by the music.  The album is very well engineered and has wonderful instrumentation and polyphonic harmonies.  You can sample some of their music on their website–link to this album.  The sisters also offer concerts and recently toured American parishes with a Christmas performance.

I encourage you to help support this fantastic order and all the Pauline family.  If you have a Pauline bookstore in your town, please help support it, and if not please check their on-line store.

Stella Maris Chant


Daughters of St. Paul

Pauline Books & Media On-Line Store

Father James Alberione official film website

Sister Rose at The Movies

Light a Candle (iTunes)

Light a Candle (Google Play-Droid)

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