40th March for Life

40th March for Life

40th March for Life

I was honored to attend my first March for Life on January 25th, 2013.  This year marked the 40th Anniversary of the Supreme Court decision of Roe v. Wade, and the 40th March for Life on Washington, D.C. started by Nellie Gray.  It is very sad to report that 55 million babies have been aborted since abortion was made legal in 1974.   It was interesting that the Supreme Court had a huge drapery over it for repairs (with image of the facade imprinted)–it seemed as though the justices were hiding behind a curtain?


Media at March for Life

Despite there being over 500,000 people from every corner of America, it was dissappointing that main-stream media gave it so little coverage.  I overheard one of the Capitol Police officers saying this was the biggest march he has witnessed.  There was limited coverage by USA Today, The Washington Post, and NPR, and a very short piece by NBC News.  The best coverage of the March was with EWTN, where I saw Teresa Tomeo interviewing marchers.  When I marched up Capitol Hill to the Supreme Court, I expected to see more media, and very dissappointed to see only the hyper reporter from The Vortex (BAD Catholic media!).


SQPN Meet-up

Before the March for Life began, a fellow blogger–Billy Newton, organized a fun get together at the National Gallery of Art of Catholic Media producers and fans of SQPN (Star Quest Production Network).  It was a real honor to meet many great people involved with Catholic New Media including Dr. Paul Camarata (SaintCast), Patrick Denny (Verbum Domini), Channing Dale (This Catholic Life), and others.  Patrick brought his H2 recorder and we recorded a short podcast with Billy acting as the moderator.  The podcast for Catholic Weekend featured this recording with link below.  We were all very pleased to hear the exciting news from Channing that she was excepted into the Carmelite Order–she will make a fantastic sister–God Bless her, and I have a good feeling that she has found her vocation.


Science and Abortion

There is still a long battle ahead for the Right To Life movement in America.  Recent polls show that 70% of Americans currently support a woman’s right to choose an abortion.  I have hope!  As science is on our side in showing the that life begins when sperm and egg unite:

  • Study of DNA now shows a COMPLETE human code is in place at the time of conception.
  • Fetuses now being saved as early as 20-weeks of life in the womb.
  • Myth that abortion is safe–more health risks now known by science.
  • Reports from people who survived attempted abortions and are now very grateful to be alive.
  • Science shows that fetuses feel pain.

I urge you to listen to a great podcast from The Catholic Laboratory, which helps explain many of the science findings behind abortion and its effects on body and mind of parents and children.  I think that science will help support our case to end legal abortions.

March for Life


  • What if we had 55 million more Americans now?
  • Who would have been a great scientist–were discoveries lost?
  • Who would be a great politician–would we have a different Congress that works?
  • Who would have helped with works of mercy–did we kill a saint?
  • With 55 million more taxpayers–would our US budget look better?

I guess we will not know the answers to these questions until we meet our maker.  I pray for an end to this most cruel crime against humanity.  It was very moving to see so many people marching in Washington representing men, women, children, and clergy from all over America (even the US Virgin Islands marched).  May Our Lady of Guadalupe (Patroness of Americas) please help bring and end to abortion and a respect for all life from conception to natural death.

Young people praying to end abortion


Your comments are welcome!

Here is one of the best homilies for pro-life from last year’s Mass for Life at Verizon Center from Monsignor Charles Pope:

Beautiful video celebrating the miracle of life:


March for Life (Official Website–just redesigned)

Catholic Laboratory Podcast – Abortion & Theology of the Body

Catholic Weekend Podcast – covering March for Life and SQPN Meet-up

Walk for Them – a community of daily walkers who commit to walk one mile a day, in prayer and solidarity, for a child who has been aborted that very day.

Washington Post March for Life Photo Essay

(Note: you can click on photos for larger images.)


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  • Paul Camarata

    Great post John. Great to see you again. You managed to capture some outstanding photos as always, and I remember Msgr. Pope’s homily from last year – again fantastic!