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Verbum has released a free Conclave App for both iPhone/iPad and Android devices.  The App offers 5 features that will help you keep updated with information about the Conclave as if you were in Rome personally:

1. Live and recorded video from Vatican press briefings

 2. News Feeds:

  • Verbum
  • Zenit news agency
  • Catholic Answers Blog
  • National Catholic Register
  • – a leading Catholic apologist
  • National Catholic Reporter
  • Catholic News Service
  • Catholic News Agency

3. Twitter Feeds (following hashtags #conclave #pope)

4. Bios:  Listing of all the Cardinals eligble to be Pope, and ordered by how they are trending on Google Trends (New Advent)

5. Resources:

  • Papacy & Conclave History
  • A Catholic Dictionary
  • Catholic Lectionary
  • Papal Resignations (Audio)


Verbum Blog announcement of Conclave App

Link to iTunes for Conclave App

Link to Google Play (Android) for Conclave App


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