Angels in My Hair


Lorna Byrne

Lorna Byrne

Have you started to read a really good book, and not wanted to put it down.  Well, this is one of those books that is addictive to read, and kept me up later than usual on recent nights.  Angels in My Hair (2008) by Lorna Byrne tells the amazing story of a woman who has the gift of being able to see angels and people’s souls.  Lorna grew up in Ireland in poor circumstances, but ended up living a very rich spiritual and joyful life because of her gifts.  She is now sharing these gifts with the world in her books, talks, and spiritual direction with those in most need.

Early in her life, she was diagnosed by health and school officials as being mentally retarded.  In actuality, she was distracted by the many angels engaging her that led to this misdiagnosis.  She talks about the trauma this brought to her childhood, as she was an outcast by those in the school, the community, and even her own family.  I truly understand her pain with this issue, after being a social worker with adults with developmental disabilities, I would regularly witness the ridicule that these people face on a daily basis.  Despite the ridicule, Lorna got incredible support from her angels, and they told her to not tell anyone about her gifts.  It was not until the writing of her first book in 2008 that the angels permitted her to tell this amazing story.  I know to, from working in mental health, that the angels gave her incredible advice, knowing that sharing her gift at the wrong moment would risk her being institutionalized in a mental health facility.

I will tell you that I was a bit skeptical about first reading about her gifts, but after reading her book, and seeing her videos, that it is hard to believe she is making up all these incredible stories.  She comes across with such warmth, sincerity, and deep understanding of spirituality that it is hard not to come away an unbeliever in angels.  I know too that The Vatican could never officially endorse an Irish mystic who says she sees angels (but I would not be surprised if Pope Francis himself secretly would endorse Lorna’s gifts).

Lorna had a near death experience and went for a brief time to Heaven.  She learned of the incredible love she experienced in Heaven and did not want to return, but realized that it was not her time, and God had further plans for her on Earth.  I think God’s plan ultimately was to share these incredible gifts with others through her writings, prayers, and mass media as she now shares on Facebook many of her works of faith.  It is funny that this was how I found Lorna, as I had shared a link about angels, and she wrote me a thank you note in Facebook which led me to buying her “International Bestseller” now printed in 21 languages.

Lorna recently came to America and spoke in New York and in Philadelphia to enthusiastic crowds about her experiences.  These talk were also with two other people who also had near death experiences and feeling the love of Heaven.  One of them is Dr. Eben Alexander, a University of Virginia Hospital neurologist who previously worked with coma patients who shared their experience of going to Heaven and he blew-it off as neurosis in these patients.  Then one day Dr. Alexander was afflicted by a rare brain illness putting him in a coma for seven days.  Now, Dr. Alexander is a believer and has penned a best-seller called Proof of Heaven: a neurosurgeons journey into the afterlife.  God must have a sense of brilliant humor in showing people from all walks of life the love in Heaven, and bringing them home on a new mission.

Lorna Byrne & Dr. Eben Alexander

Lorna Byrne & Dr. Eben Alexander










Lorna says that everyone, no matter your religion, race, or unbelief, you have a guardian angel.  Lorna is very lucky to have this amazing gift of seeing angels and souls all the time.  Sometimes it is a burden, but she has been amazing in sharing her gifts with the world.  Lorna is lucky to regularly talk with Michael the Archangel, and he told her that “God hears all your prayers.”  Michael instructed her to write down and share this prayer given by God to her:

Prayer of Thy Healing Angels,

That is carried from God by Michael, Thy Archangel.

Pour out, Thy Healing Angels,

Thy Heavenly Host upon me,

And upon those that I love,

Let me feel the beam of Thy

Healing Angels upon me,

The light of Your Healing Hands.

I will let Thy Healing begin,

Whatever way God grants it,


I really encourage you to read Angels in My Hair, The True Story of a Modern-Day Irish Mystic, by Lorna Byrne (2008, Three Rivers Press).  Lorna has added two additional chapters to the most recent printing:  Afterword: America The Gateway to Humanity’s Future and Twelve Ways to Connect with Your Guardian Angel.  Lorna has also just published another book going on my wish list entitled A Message of Hope from The Angels (2013).  You can check out more about Lorna’s work with the links below.

I would like to recommend an upcoming movie called Heaven is for Real (2014).  Greg Kinnear stars in this true story about a man with a young son who has a near death experience who talks about his experiences in Heaven.  Coming to theaters April 16, 2014.  Check out the official trailer below:


Lorna Byrne’s Website  (plus newsletter, her prayer wall, Facebook & Twitter links)

Lorna Byrne’s Official YouTube Channel

Dr. Eben Alexander’s Proof of Heaven, a neurosurgeon’s journey into the afterlife (Amazon)


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  • Joseph Pelham

    Note that Mrs. Byrne regards Nelson Mandela to be the greatest spiritual leader of our time, he who, while an admirable champion of racial equality, helped legalize abortion on demand and homosexual marriage in South Africa. If she does in fact see angels, what sort of angels fostered this?

  • John Clem

    I don’t think that Mrs. Byrne was endorsing abortion or gay marriage in her regarding Nelson Mandela as a great spiritual leader. She was endorsing his qualities of being a leader of peace through non-violence. God and the angels allow evil and sin in this world, and also Jesus forgives our sins. Perhaps Mr. Mandela made peace with his sins at the end of his life. We will not know until we get to Heaven ourselves — God willing!

  • Joseph Pelham

    Her choice of Mr. Mandela as “the greatest spiritual leader of our time,” he who was instrumental in legalizing the murder of infants in So. Africa, over Pope Francis (or Benedict XVI, depending on when she received this message), errs gravely from a Catholic point of view. The ‘angels’ to which she attributes this choice also err gravely.